On the 31st of October, 115 curious students from all over Denmark visited Stansomatic as part of the Billund KarriereTour (Career Tour) arranged by Billund Erhverv, Billund Kommune and Ole Kirk’s Fond.

We invited them behind the scenes where they learned about the possibilities and advantages of precision stamping technology. They enjoyed being shown around our facilities and gaining insight into everyday life in a production company and how we manufacture tools and prototypes for some of the largest companies in Denmark and abroad.

They were also introduced to our development and production, where we use automation of stamping presses, packaging robots and vision systems to produce high-quality metal parts. They had the opportunity to create their own prototypes and ask questions outside the classroom.

After the company visit, all 345 students gathered in LEGO House for an inspirational talk by tech enthusiast Nikolaj Sonne and a career match with some of the largest tech companies in Billund.

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