When it comes to medical device stamping, partnering with the right metal stamping company can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will explore some reasons why medical device manufacturers should choose Stansomatic as their stamping partner.

1. Extensive Experience and Expertise:

Stansomatic is a trusted supplier in the medical sector delivering high-precision metal stampings. With years of industry-specific knowledge and expertise, we have a deep understanding of the requirements and challenges associated with medical device manufacturing. We are a family-owned business that values high-quality service and confidentiality in a partnership. Our expertise in precision metal stamping allows us to handle complex projects with ease, delivering components that meet tight tolerances and strict industry specifications.

2. Commitment to Quality and Compliance:

In the medical field, quality and compliance are paramount. We place a strong emphasis on delivering products of the highest quality and meeting industry requirements by using quality assurance methods such as PPAP, APQP, FMEA, vision inspection, optical measurements and process control. Our quality management system holds every piece of document that can track a product’s lifecycle from procurement to delivery. We also conduct medical validation including IQ, OQ and PQ to ensure safety, effectiveness and compliance. By partnering with Stansomatic, medical device manufacturers can rest assured knowing that their products will meet industry regulations and patient safety standards.

3. Advanced Stamping Capabilities:

With precision metal stamping, we handle your complex part production by taking part in development, prototyping and tool manufacturing to ensure reliable high-volume production. Our stamping manufacturing capabilities, combined with the latest technologies, enable us to produce complex and intricate components with exceptional precision. Whether it’s micro-stamping, progressive die stamping or eccentric punching, Stansomatic has the expertise and resources to handle the most demanding projects, delivering high-quality components that meet tight tolerances and industry specifications. Everything is done in-house, and we offer additional services to complement our core technologies and precision stamping.

4. Comprehensive Understanding of Materials:

Medical device manufacturers often require specific materials to meet product functionality. Stansomatic offers an extensive selection of materials suitable for precision metal stamping in the medical sector. Our tool designers support you in the selection of the right material for your device or application – from stainless steel and aluminum to titanium. Other than providing technical advice and considering materials, they ensure that the chosen materials possess the necessary properties such as corrosion resistance, durability and strength. This expertise and diversity allow manufacturers to select the most suitable materials for medical devices.

5. Collaborative Approach:

Stansomatic takes a collaborative approach with clients, working closely with you throughout the entire project. We value open communication and foster strong partnerships, understanding the importance of aligning with your goals and requirements. We promise a high level of service and customer satisfaction at every stage of the precision metal stamping process. With a workforce dedicated to continuous learning and quality at every level, we have developed a culture of excellence that’s evident from the time you request a quote until your production runs smoothly.

For Stansomatic, quality is a top priority

Choosing Stansomatic as your metal stamping partner for medical devices brings numerous advantages. You can leverage our expertise and resources to achieve high quality, precision and reliability in the production of medical components. Our skilled and experienced quality team follow established procedures for how validations should be planned, executed and documented.

Profilbillede af administrerende direktør Søren Bahnsen med briller i blå Stansomatic skjorte

Trust Stansomatic for precision, reliability and excellence in metal stamping for medical devices

With us as a trusted partner, you can confidently bring innovative and life-saving medical devices to market.