Toolmaker apprentice Mikkel has completed this large tool under the supervision of experienced toolmaker Klaus. The stamping tool measures 1.25 meters and is the longest we’ve made yet.

The 327 kg. tool is for a customer in the MedTech industry and will be producing new parts for wireless chargers in hearing aids.

The stamping tool is full of small and intricate details and will produce complex metal parts with tight tolerances. Tooling is the key to a successful stamping project. In particular, the stamping die must be well-designed to deliver accurate results and avoid premature wear.

Upon the completion of any tool by the toolmakers in our tool and die department, we perform die try-outs and first-run production in one of our 13 (soon 14) stamping presses with a stamping force of up to 63 tons and speeds of up to 800 strokes per minute. Completed first-piece samples are then verified in our fully equipped quality department.

At Stansomatic, we design and build all tools and manage all manufacturing processes to make sure that every part we work with meets or exceeds the requirements.

Our toolmaker apprentices participate in the entire process from design to final stamping tool. They try their hands at a variety of technologies such as milling, sink erosion, wire erosion, programming, prototyping, producing tool parts and much more.

We believe that the variety of tasks and independent thinking contribute to making them skilled and versatile toolmakers. They are also assigned a mentor in the tooling department who provides expert training and instruction.

Værktøjsmagerlærling og læremester med et stort stanseværktøj