A German electronics company faced multiple challenges with a charging contact spring and approached us with an interest in optimizing the product design. They needed quality parts for their wireless phones.

As a trusted supplier in the field delivering high-precision metal stampings, we handled their complex part production by taking part in development and design and tool manufacturing to ensure reliable high-volume production.

Customer’s issues: The old design had quality issues and consisted of a bent part with a nickel surface and a stamped part. The two-part design included too many steps and was increasing costs and decreasing quality.

Customer’s goal: Reduce production time with an improved manufacturing method and eliminate the quality issue without increasing costs.

Stansomatic’s solution: We re-designed the product to ensure quality parts. A team of colleagues from tool design, tool and die making and technical sales collaborated on a new and optimized design that would consist of only one part with nickel on contact.

Part design and development is the key to a competitive product. It is part of our DNA to create innovative stamping solutions by integrating production know-how early in the design phase to benefit the customer.

Production speed (old design)
• 1 cavity/punch
• 90 parts/minute (production)
• 10 million parts per year


Gammelt design af metalfjeder set bagfra og forfra





Production speed (new design)
• 4 cavities/punch
• 200 punches/minute
• 800 parts/minute (production)
• 360 parts/minute (packaging)
• 10 million parts per year

Nyt design af metalfjeder set bagfra og forfra

Customer’s benefits and results

The charging contact spring’s new design would prove to benefit the customer in multiple ways. The production and packaging speed increased giving way to cost savings and a lower part price.

The customer was very happy with the solution and after the production had run for one year, the customer conducted a Q cost calculation. Stansomatic’s solution saved them 500.000 EUR and resulted in a total Q cost and part price reduction.

Profilbillede af administrerende direktør Søren Bahnsen med briller i blå Stansomatic skjorte

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