For a product such as razor blades where design, quality, tolerance levels and uniformness are essential, the need for fast zero-error production is vital.

A consultant contacted us at a fair in Germany in 2015. He had seen our stamped parts and asked whether we could produce razor blades with high precision tolerance levels. This initiated a partnership with one of the world’s leading razor blade brands where the outcome has proven beneficial and sustainable – securing extraordinary supply and quality achievements. Today, the custom-made progressive tools produce 60-70 million parts a year with each part being inspected for errors before delivery.

Stort stanseværktøj i metal bliver samlet af værktøjsmager

Fast and brief development

The customer sent us CAD files and we prepared a finished prototype which they were able to test. They approved the prototype and in the following months, our toolmakers began working on the complicated stamping tool. The biggest challenge was producing millions of parts with very tight tolerances, but we succeeded thanks to the great skills of our tool constructors, toolmakers and stamping press operators.

The stamping tools

We had to design and build stamping tools for 4-blade razors and 6-blade razors. There are 35 operations in each tool which produces 1 million parts per week. The tool is supplied with sensors for process surveillance and we have installed 100% vision inspection before coiling.

The customer benefitted from the fast and brief development and our know-how about tool design and material choice. This is essential when you need a tool that can produce hundreds of thousands of parts before maintenance. The result is a zero-error production that supplies the customer with over 60 million razor blades each year.

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