Metal deburring

Do you need polished and smooth metal parts for your product? Burrs and flakes can occur during different manufacturing activities including machining and cutting processes. We offer high-quality deburring which provides a consistent and precise finish every run. Stansomatic employs centrifugal deburring and vibratory deburring which fulfill the cleanliness requirements on very demanding stamped parts.

Our deburring services remove metal burrs

A burr is the formation of rough edges or flakes on a component. You can rely on us to remove burrs and flakes – regardless of the geometry. Our experienced employees know exactly which deburring process your product fits. The choice of deburring media depends on the desired coarseness and final look.

Burr-free parts are critical for demanding industries. We have the capabilities and equipment to eliminate burrs without scratching the surface or deforming the parts. We have well-thought-out solutions to the many challenges you may be facing. You can expect precision and quality to be at the forefront as we take part in your project from concept to finished product.

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Vibratory deburring

Vibratory deburring is a mechanical vibratory process where components and media pellets are placed into a tumbler. The vibratory action makes the deburring media and the components rub against each other, creating a beautiful finish. Vibratory deburring creates uniform surfaces and removes all burrs. This process is also known as tumbling and allows us to remove burrs from all types of metals, but it has a size limitation and consequently works best with small components.

Centrifugal deburring

Centrifugal deburring is a high-energy finishing deburring process that is suited for small and large metal parts. This machine is made up of barrels that generate a high centrifugal force which quickly and gently deburrs parts. The force causes the deburring media and the parts to slide against each other. The rotating action is what removes burrs and creates a superior finish. The high centrifugal energy results in short cycle times.


We produce custom made metal and hybrid parts to the medical sector

We know that design, quality and tight tolerances are critical for medical devices and other medical equipment. We are 9001:2015 certified with modern production facilities that live up to the requirements on clean room, traceability and documentation.

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