Degreasing is a cleaning process that removes residues of grease, oil and other lubricants from the metal surface. Oil and lubricants are sometimes necessary when processing and stamping metal parts. Some residues might be left on the finished part and can have a bad effect on the following processing steps.

We deliver clean parts to our customers with the help of our industrial washers and cleaning systems. Degreasing of metal can be achieved during the production or in post-production by ultrasound, modified alcohol and other cleaning detergents. Choosing the right cleaning method requires an understanding of material and size and shape. We can provide guidance on the cleaning and finishing options that is most compatible with your part specifications and industry quality standard.

Cleaning metal stampings in an ultrasonic cleaning system

Our cleaning and degreasing facilities use different cleaning detergents. Modified alcohol is a documented solvent approved for the aerospace and medical industry. It is often an ideal choice for industries with high degreasing standards. We use baskets for the medical industry which ensure operational reliability and the best results. Our focus is careful handling of your products, uniformness and a high cleaning standard. It is an automated system that can run for long periods of time without an operator.

Metal degreasing process

A metal degreasing process usually starts by putting the parts in baskets which are placed in the washline. When the baskets are inside, the tank opens and fills the chamber with the detergent solution. The baskets are constantly moving to ensure that all parts are equally cleaned. The next step involves steam degreasing and lastly, the parts go into a drying chamber where they are dried off and ready for more processing.

Profilbillede af fabrikschef Finn Jensen i blå Stansomatic skjorte

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Environmentally friendly degreasing

We have degreased millions of metal parts and have great experience cleaning complex parts for customers in different industries. Our degreasing processes are modern and more environmentally friendly as we do not use toxic solvents. Our cleaning systems automatically separate the oil which is then distilled and later processed.