Are you looking for a partner who can fulfill precision requirements and delivers on time? Stansomatic designs and produces small and large parts for windmills, airplanes, radiators and solar cells. We strive for continuous improvement and often invest in new technology to match the energy sector’s increasing quality and documentation requirements.

Solar cells, windmills and radiator thermostats

The energy industry covers companies in many sectors and we deliver stamped metal components for most of them. They all have high standards and strict requirements for their suppliers. We believe that continuous improvement and optimizations are important to deliver high-quality solutions to the market. We strive to increase efficiency and capacity while improving our employees’ working conditions.

Solar cells and windmills are some of the most important renewable energy sources. We produce precise sensors, thermostats and contacts for the energy sector and comply with all demands and specifications for production processes.

Your strategic partner has all processes in-house

If you involve us early in the development, our experienced engineers will contribute to design development and innovative ideas. This will optimize the production process and save you time and resources. We are your strategic partner who will solve your challenges by providing you with our technical expertise and experience. All our processes are located in-house which makes corporation across departments easy and effective.

Profilbillede af teknisk salgschef Stig Horsted i blå Stansomatic skjorte

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Stig is responsible for our customers in the energy sector. He knows all about part design and how we comply with customer specifications.

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Risk analyses help us prevent defects and misunderstandings. PPAP – Production Part Approval Process ensures that we are capable to produce parts that meet all your requirements. And ensures that we have understood your design and production specifications.



We are continuously working on reducing our GHG emissions and improving our social and environmental performance. We have switched to clean and carbon-neutral energy. And for the second year in a row, have received an EcoVadis bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement.

Vision inspection

Our production and packaging have vision inspection installed to make sure that we always deliver uniform parts of high quality. These systems will automatically sort out flawed parts. We regularly control that all our measuring equipment works.

Laser engraving

Advanced laser marking and engraving

Laser engraving is a fast and cost-effective process that secures durable markings on stamped parts. We engrave on small, large, curved and flat surfaces with a work area of 180x180mm.

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Sensors, contacts and thermostats

Would you like a partner that matches the increasing quality and documentation requirements that characterizes the energy sector? Stansomatic is that partner. We offer various manufacturing services that include everything from design to delivery.


Metal deburring

Do you need polished and smooth metal parts for your product? Burrs and flakes can occur during different manufacturing activities including machining and cutting processes.

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