With his journey from an intern to Value Chain Manager and Key Account Manager, Christoffer embodies the opportunities for growth and development that Stansomatic offers. Even though the job is new, he is a well-known face in the company as he has been a young worker, intern and student assistant.

Christoffer is from Billund himself and was already familiar with Stansomatic when he started as a young worker where he was mostly involved in packaging and cleaning parts. When he was looking for an internship, he contacted us to ask if we had anything he could work on. As part of his bachelor’s in Value Chain Management, he interned in the logistics department in 2021 and developed a fully automated production planning system.

Subsequently, he was employed as a student assistant while simultaneously working on his bachelor’s project in cooperation with Stansomatic. Now he works as Value Chain Manager and Key Account Manager for the UK and Ireland. The internship and part-time student job ensured a smooth transition to the new job where Christoffer works on multiple logistics and sales projects.

Christoffer foran presser med OEE produktionsovervågningssystem

After a 20-week internship, Christoffer was employed as a student assistant, during which he worked on his bachelor’s project in cooperation with Stansomatic.

The bachelor project focused on the issues from his internship, where he, along with a fellow student, investigated the utilization rate of three stamping presses using OEE.

The project received an A+ and resulted in proposed solutions on how we could optimize production by reducing various types of downtime causes and wastes.

Christoffer manages part of the value chain and customers in the UK and Ireland

With a keen understanding of Stansomatic’s operations and a deep knowledge of the company’s value chain, Christoffer ensures smooth planning and capacity management for the packaging department.

And as Key Account Manager, Christoffer is responsible for managing existing customers and expanding Stansomatic’s customer base in the UK and Ireland. He travels to meet with customers and attends industry-specific trade shows, primarily in England and Ireland.

What sets Christoffer apart is his ability to thrive in a dynamic and collaborative work environment. He values the open communication, flat organizational structure and supportive atmosphere at Stansomatic. Empowered to make decisions and shape his own workday, Christoffer embraces the responsibilities entrusted to him. His passion for logistics and sales complements each other, enabling him to excel in his multifaceted role.

Christoffer’s expertise in planning, combined with his customer-oriented mindset, proves valuable in tackling the challenges that arise within logistics and for Stansomatic’s clientele.


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