The story of Stansomatic

Stansomatic has over 5600 square meters of production facilities located in Billund, Southern Denmark. We currently employ approximately 90 employees and produce 200 million punched parts a year.

Stansomatic has always prioritized investing in new machinery and technology to meet the increasing requirements of industries and to streamline our production through automation and process optimization.

The business is family-owned and has since 2006 been run by managing director, Søren Bahnsen who is the son of the company founder, Knud Erik Bahnsen.

From workshop to large factory

It all started with the production of dog tags

Stansomatic was founded in 1970 by Knud Erik Bahnsen and his wife Grethe Bahnsen in a 120 m2 workshop on Lindevej 6B. The first customer was the engineering company, Elwis.

In the late 1960s, a law was made requiring all dogs in Denmark to wear dog tags. It gave Knud the idea to make stamped brass dog tags engraved with the owner’s name. Knud and Grethe put up an advertisement in almost all newspapers. In 14 days, they had received enough orders to buy an engraving machine. Some days they received up to 700 orders and had to start 3 shifts to keep up.

The revenue from the dog tag production was used to buy a Weingarten press for 15.000 DKK. This was our first stamping press that produced millions of pipe grids and many other stamping parts. The press retired 20 years later and is now a beautiful sculpture available for viewing at our parking lot.

The dog tag company was started under the company name I/S Billund Industristanseri with Verner Daugård, a former colleague. When the production of pipe grids for Elwis increased, the company split into two companies: dog tag production and pipe grid production.

That is how Stansomatic was founded on March 16, 1970.

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