Laser cutting

Do you need precision laser cutting of small parts and do you want a partner who delivers on time? Stansomatic produces laser-cut metal parts for customers in industries like medical, electronics, energy, automotive and other demanding industries that require laser cutting of sheet metal or plates.
We perform high-quality cuts in metals from 0.01 to 2.0mm in thickness. Our laser cutting machines can cut in a wide range of metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel silver, copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold and more. We also have the possibility to use custom laser cutting of tubes such as sensors and syringes for the medical industry.

We are your strategic partner from start to finish

In addition to laser cutting, we also carry out deburring and surface treatment. 90% of our production takes place in-house where we have all the required machines and equipment to secure fast and effective product delivery. We have extensive technical skills and an innovative approach to every project which results in holistic and coherent solutions for high-impact industries.

How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process that produces very precise parts. Our laser for cutting metal can cut any kind of geometry. We work mostly with precision laser cutting where the cut is extra sharp. A precision laser cuts the metal based on a digital drawing and the laser beam makes the matter evaporate, burn or melt.

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Special process

Surface treatment

We offer more than 10 different types of surface treatment that will protect your metal parts and improve their performance. Not all parts need to be treated, but some do. Our skilled tool designers will give you their best advice on surface treatment.

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