Laser engraving

Do you need laser engraving on your metal parts? Stansomatic performs advanced laser engraving for industries that require extreme precision, quality and documentation. This includes demanding industries like medical and energy. Laser engraving is a fast and cost-effective process that secures durable marking on stamped parts. We engrave on small, large, curved and flat surfaces with a work area of 180x180mm.

Laser marking of logo and other identification marks

Laser marking and engraving on metal is a high-tech process that requires a very precise laser beam that labels and engraves text and logos on small and large metal parts. We perform marking and engraving on an array of metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Laser marking results in a nice finish that leaves the metal unharmed. Our laser engraving service requires no pre-treatment or post-treatment, but we do engrave on metal that has had surface treatment. We engrave on flat and curved surfaces while rotating the component or while it is fixed in place.

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Are precision and quality important to you? Feel free to contact Kim to find out more about the possibilities of laser engraving on your metal parts. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have incorporated quality standards and methods into our daily work.

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Ultraprecise laser engraving

We manufacture parts for the medical industry and other industries that require high precision and high quality. E.g., an anodized aluminum component for an injector pen.

Prototypes for a high-impact industry

Our laser engraving machine is super precise and can cut through one layer of a sticker without cutting all the way through. The sticker is magnetic tape located inside a prototype that we have developed for a customer.

Marking of signs and fixtures

We use our laser marking machine in-house when we need to mark certain signs, fixtures and tool parts. We engrave text, logos, symbols, figures and other frameworks.


Precision metal stamping

Stansomatic has over 50 years of experience stamping precise parts for large manufacturers of equipment for the medical, electronic, automotive and energy sectors. Our metal stamping parts are characterized by high precision, traceability and full documentation.

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Advanced laser marking

We work responsibly with your detailed parts and we have an in-house production that guarantees you a shorter manufacturing lead time. We work across departments to make sure that your product is taken care of every step of the way.