Laser welding

At Stansomatic we have great experience processing metal and the post processing such as laser welding as well. Laser welding gives the products a uniform finish and is more efficient than traditional welding. We can laser weld in a variety of metals for example steel, stainless steel, silver, nickel silver, aluminum, gold and titanium in material thicknesses down to 0.1mm.

Laser welding has great advantages

Laser welding and laser technology are often used in the manufacturing of micro-components for the electronics industry and medical device industry.

  • Shorter welding time and increased efficiency
  • Automated welding ensures uniformness
  • Minimal heat impact makes welding ultrathin materials possible

Stansomatic’s laser welding machines are run with CAD/CAM software that ensures great precision and high, uniform quality. The minimal heat impact around the welding area maintains the part’s functionality and appearance.

Let us laser weld your parts

Laser welding is a high-tech welding method that is more efficient and precise than traditional welding. Joining metal by laser welding results in a more efficient result due to the shorter welding time, automation, minimal heat impact and great repeatability. Stansomatic has a variety of different metal processing technologies in-house and can handle the production of your product from development and tool manufacturing to production and packaging. We always laser weld according to your specifics.

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Quality assurance and quality documentation

We can meet all your stamping and quality requirements. We use PPAP, APQP medical validation and 100% vision inspection to eliminate errors and to document that we have met all the obligations in your industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Your parts will be produced in a controlled environment or in an ISO 7 or 8 clean room. You can expect COC documentation and full traceability from procurement of the raw material to final delivery.

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