More than a stamping supplier

We are more than a supplier of stamped parts: With Stansomatic you get an integrated partner that takes responsibility for the entire process from start to end. We have the experts, experience and technical knowledge that makes it possible to solve your challenge. We understand that our customers have specific needs and our knowledge of design for manufacturing is advantageous in the development of your product.


Are you looking for a partner who meets all the precision and quality requirements of medical products? We are a trusted supplier of complex metal parts for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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EMC shielding, antennas or electronic parts for headsets? We design and produce custom metal and hybrid parts that live up to the industry’s demand for small tolerances and quality documentation.

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A strategic partner that knows the energy sector's challenges. We fulfill precision requirements and deliver on time. Stansomatic designs and produces small and large parts for windmills, airplanes, radiators and solar cells.

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The automotive industry expects suppliers to meet their stringent quality and documentation requirements. We have delivered parts according to these requirements to the entire world for decades.

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Down to the smallest detail

Using our advanced metal stamping presses, we have the capabilities to produce minuscule, complex parts following exact close-tolerance specifications.

Komplekst stanseemne i metal