Do you need to test your design before starting high-volume production? Stansomatic’s realistic prototypes can help you test and validate ideas early in the design process. Prototyping can benefit your business and optimize part design and part price. Let us create your prototypes. We have been constructing and manufacturing prototypes for over 50 years.

Reduce your time to market and manufacturing costs

In close cooperation with the customer, Stansomatic constructs realistic metal prototypes that are almost identical to the final product. Prototypes give the end-user, client, customer and user participants a hands-on user experience that allows you to test the form, fit and function of the design. Prototypes enable the customer and us to test form and functionality, early discoveries of design issues, get feedback and determine the final design which will be 100% optimized for mass production.

Metal prototypes

Our tool department manufactures the prototypes which allow you to carry out assembly tests in realistic conditions. This is crucial for our medico customers and can reduce your time-to-market. Metal and hybrid prototypes are produced with the help of wire cutting, laser cutting, milling, etching and simple molding tools.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping can help you test and validate ideas early in the design process to ensure reliable high-volume production. We develop the prototypes rapidly and cost-efficiently so you to make better decisions in the design process. In the development, we can catch and remove mistakes that minimize the risk of an error occurring during production. Rapid prototyping shortens the product development process and results in higher product quality as the design can be refined and enhanced at every stage. It is our experience that you will reduce your design and lead time by letting us make your prototypes.

Profilbillede af teknisk salgschef Stig Horsted i blå Stansomatic skjorte

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Let us create your prototypes! Feel free to contact Stig who has worked with prototype design for 10 years and find out how we can reduce your time to market.

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Partner with Stansomatic

We are your strategic partner

As a single-source partner, we are involved in optimizing your part design and price to reduce your time-to-market and manufacturing costs. Everything is done in-house, and we offer additional services to complement our core technologies and precision stamping. Products made with design for manufacturing (DFM) have a lower production cost and a faster approval process. We are involved from start to finish – from design to prototyping, tool and die making and stamping of your product.

Video: Metal rapid prototyping

Rapid prototype development

In the prototype process, an optimal review of the item is carried out with the customer. With this, the prototype is adjusted to the optimal requirements of the customer’s needs and the production, which minimizes production lead time and cost.

Metal stamping

Stamping of complex parts

We stamp complex parts with small tolerance levels for several customers in the medical, electronics, automotive and energy industries. The following solutions are some of the ones we have manufactured for our customers: car antennas, fish cans, hearing aids, razor blades and components for thermostats, mobile phones, headphones, microphones, remote controls, car engines, windmills and many others.

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