Up 4 points compared to last year, our 2022 EcoVadis overall score goes from 50 to 54. This highlights our efforts and commitment to increasing our sustainability performance.

We have a long way to go on our path to sustainability but are proud to be taking steps in the right direction.

We are headed in the right direction and are very proud of the increase in our score which testifies to our ability to both maintain and increase our performance.

Now that we understand our strengths and improvement areas, we expect our 2023 result to improve further due to additional sustainability reporting and the implementation of clear targets and new policies for a more sustainable value chain.

We will continue to implement changes that benefit our customers, our business, our employees and our environment.

We have also increased our score by 10 points in the Labor and Human Rights category by conducting a detailed assessment and thanks to implementing actions.

EcoVadis rates us on our increasing attention to corporate social responsibility issues. EcoVadis is a global business sustainability rating organization that annually assesses companies’ performance on international sustainability standards.


Stansomatic's ambitions

Many of our customers have sustainability goals which we are pleased that we can support. We call this responsibility for the environment, for our customers, for ourselves and for everyone else.

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