Tool and die making

Do you need parts with tight tolerances? Stansomatic makes custom stamping tools that can produce complex parts with tight tolerances. Stamping tools designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of the medical, energy, electronic and automotive industries.

In-house manufacturing of stamping tools

We manufacture large and small stamping tools in our in-house tooling department and our tool makers make all the individual tool parts. Our unique tool concept gathers competencies across the tool design department, prototype department and tooling department. The close collaboration creates a great flow and is your guarantee for high quality throughout the processes.

In-house tool and die department

We have an ultramodern tool and die department equipped with the newest technologies and instruments to manufacture tool parts with tight tolerances. We strive for continuous improvement and often invest in new technology to match our customers’ increasing quality and documentation requirements. Our skilled toolmakers and stamping press operators are highly specialized in their field and manufacture stamping tools based on 3D CAD/CAM drawings. Our toolmakers oversee the continued maintenance, care and repair of your progressive tool to prevent bad conditions from impacting manufacturing operations.

Profilbillede af fabrikschef Finn Jensen i blå Stansomatic skjorte

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Metal stamping

Stamping of complex parts with tight tolerances

Metal stamping guarantees competitive rates and low unit costs. We can produce parts fast in automated presses with the help of our stamping tools.

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Video: Sheet metal stamping dies

Progressive tooling process

Stansomatic is an innovative partner who has experience solving your challenges. A partner who has the experience and technical knowledge to solve your challenge.


Toolmaker apprentices

We take responsibility as a business to educate toolmakers and other specialists. We welcome 1-2 toolmaker apprentices every year. So far, we have helped 40 people become skilled toolmakers. Toolmakers are key employees and we need to help expand the pipeline of toolmaker apprentices. It is essential for us to be enriched with their brand-new knowledge and curiosity. Becoming a partner for and helping apprentices also ensures skilled employees after the apprenticeship. We are always looking for dedicated apprentices.

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