A lot of people have put their stamp on our business – one of them being our very first employee.

Christen Skytte was employed in our founding year of 1970 and took part in the first projects. Back then, we only had a handful of employees. That number has now increased to 90.

He was a versatile employee with responsibilities ranging from strip layout design to tool manufacturing and operating stamping presses. Because of his extensive knowledge of both design and production, he would often help solve problems and train new employees.

In 1978, Christen and coworker Kurt Nissen decided to start their own company (C.K. Produktion) and we are very happy that both companies have done well throughout the years.

The picture is of Christen and his coworker Kurt at work in 1970.

Sort/hvidt billede af to tidligere medarbejdere fra 1970, som arbejder med små stanseværktøjer
To mænd foran mindesmærke af gammel presser

Today, Christen is 79 years old. He looks back on his career at Stansomatic as his most educational job and remembers the work was fascinating.

We are grateful to everyone who has helped us succeed and we are very thankful for their loyalty and the effort they have put into the work. We hope that our existing employees will say the same as Christen when they look back on their time at Stansomatic.

The picture shows Christen visiting Stansomatic a few weeks ago for a chat with CEO Søren Bahnsen and a look at the old Weingarten press that he used to operate.